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Most people will know Pigalle as an arrondissement famed for the red lights, the Moulin Rouge and other explicit attractions, but some may be more familiar with the name Pigalle as the burgeoning Parisian collective that has recently taken the world by storm.

This is the type of store that leaves a note on the door that reads ‘back in five..’, ok? But what these ‘five’ were exactly still remains a mystery. Fifteen minutes had been spent listening to a man play blues on a cigar box guitar and watching some local’s play basketball on the Pigalle court across the road before eventually being granted access. The decor within featured a lot of exposed concrete and vibrant colours, specifically chosen to embrace the essence of the local area and embody all that Pigalle stands for.


 The patina that matures on a well used basketball court, the scuffed surface from the soles of countless sneakers or the veneer on a weather beaten basketball hoop has provided the backdrop for the inspiration, colours and materials featured throughout the project. The basketball collection was born from a mutual love of basketball and celebrates the games ability to unite a community of diverse backgrounds together under one love.

This collection focuses on classic basketball apparel but adopts a progressive approach, boasting a range of bombers, track jackets, jerseys and sneakers. These items are skilfully interpreted to represent the movement that is Pigalle, the use of pastel hues, resolute patterns, and contemporary materials elevate the collections individuality and ingenuity.  It is clear that founder Stephane Ashpool takes inspiration from a diverse spectrum of designers and urban street style brands, ultimately engineering his distinguished variation on style and material that brings the spirit of Paris’s creative panache to sportswear.


BBALL raincoat

pigalle bomber

Sources: HypebeastDazed

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