vacheron constantin : métiers d’art

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Since their earliest days, Vacheron Constantin has been a name synonymous with quality Swiss watch-making. Across centuries and generations the brand has been recognised globally as the very essence of the best that this world can offer. The company was founded in 1755 by Jean-Marc Vacheron and is now one of the oldest watch manufacturers in the world boasting an outstanding history.

Vacheron Constantin watches have been sported on the wrist’s of royalty and heads of state alike and are often the brand of choice for important official gifts. Past owners of Vacheron Constantin watches include countless historic luminaries such as Napoleon Bonaparte, Pope Pius XI and the Duke of Windsor.


The métiers d’art collection is a series of luxury watches inspired by dreams of faraway places and by the open-minded approach to the world consistently refined by Vacheron Constantin. This collection is revered as a definitive masterpiece that combines exquisite design, unrivalled engineering and breathtaking artistic beauty.  Each and every timepiece in the Vacheron Constantin métiers d’art series is entirely unique, hand painted and meticulously assembled.

The variation between art and design in each watch in this collection is in perfect harmony, combining exposed segments of intricate mechanisms on the face with stunning jewels and enchanting colours perfectly arranged to surround the bare mechanical beauty. These watches are utterly stunning timepieces reflecting the work of talented master craftsmen across generations, the entire métiers d’art collection can be viewed on the vacheron-constantin website. 1789138c2cb4511c2a228cf6b28e06070

images: vacheron-constantin

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