invasion imminent


Paris based graffiti artist that goes by the pseudonym Invader has taken a step further into the realm of the permissible by launching his own art tracking app. Invader has found a dizzying level of fame and support since his career began in the 90s. Working with mosaics, he depicts largely ‘Space Invaders’ from the 1970s game along with other pixellated images.

Art in general has always been a means to challenging the status quo, pushing boundaries and dispositions and wreaking havoc with social constraints and dictations. Nothing much has changed; akin to formerly outlawed artists, Invader and his contemporaries, (Banksy, DOT DOT DOT) fall between the Venn diagram of illegal and promoted. What seems to be most refreshing about this type of illegitimate art is just that – it’s not allowed. And it resounds heavily with an ever disquiet youth culture. These are the scorned kids rebelling well into their adult life; the money made is only a means to an end, to continue their message. Invader describes his art movement as ‘an attack’, each mosaic conception an invasion on the chosen city.


 What this accessible and relevant move brings to light, is a resurgence of support for the bad boys of culture. In a society where celebrity culture is prevailing and unavoidable, this protection of identity, sanctity of art and originality is refreshing. Invader’s own parents are said to believe he works ‘in construction, as a tiler’ – at least it’s partially true.

Now is the time to support emerging talents, brimming in societies underworld, lest we all become vacuous, prosaic servicemen finding artistic stimuli solely in the censored. When asked how long Invader will continue his invasion, he replied, ‘I hope forever. Because that is the game. I am addicted to it.’ In line troops.

images from the app

photography by ondulée


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