Y-3 space apparel collection : Virgin Galactic

No matter where you’re from in the world, we all share a common curiosity when we look up at the night sky. We can all relate to that sense of wonder as we learn to identify the Milky Way, or to spot planets, moons and stars. This is a feeling that has been shared with our ancestors for millions of years, and still to this day, we still know so little about what lies beyond.

Only through further exploration can we continue to learn and grow as a civilisation, and Virgin Galactic believe that the ability for more people to cross the final frontier of space will be key to human advancement.

So many people today and in the past have felt an irresistible urge to see what lies just beyond the horizon. As it stands, about 550 people have ever visited space, so not only have most of us never had the opportunity to go, most of us have never even met someone else who can tell us about the experience.

Many astronauts who have found themselves lucky enough to make the trip out of this world, they have found themselves transformed by their journeys. Many have experienced something called the Overview Effect as they look back at our world. The perspective of earth from space has a profound effect, borders we fight over are just imaginary lines, or a realisation of how our atmosphere seems rather insignificant protection for life as we know it. The magnitude of this personal experience cannot be denied, yet very few people have ever experienced this effect first-hand.

Virgin Galactic have a vision to change this, roughly 700 Virgin Galactic future astronauts have already paid deposits for their flights on SpaceShipTwo. These future astronauts come from more than 50 different countries, about half of which have never before sent a human to space before. They span in age from under 10 to over 90 years of age.

As Virgin Galactic’s confirmed space-apparel partner, Y-3 are set to produce the full range of garments required by the Virgin commercial spaceflight operation. The collection will include flight-suits for future astronauts and pilots, to garments worn by operations and maintenance teams as well as hosting staff.

The world‘s first commercial spaceplane passengers deserve apparel fit for the future, and Y-3 has provided the vision and expertise to mastermind the first space exploration collection for Virgin Galactic. For more than ten years Y-3 has been at the forefront of the high-end sportswear industry, and the innovative collaboration between Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas has risen to this intergalactic occasion. At the launch of the partnership back in January 2016, the companies revealed the prototype pilot flight-suit.

Y-3 have stood out in the industry for their  and visionary design, renowned for an exceeding technical knowledge and an approach to style which emphasizes the use of advanced fabrics, special techniques and bespoke specifications to ensure fit, comfort and performance. For these reasons, Virgin Galactic identified Y-3 as the best suitors to produce the perfect range for this cosmic project.

Adam Wells, Head of Design at Virgin Galactic, commented, “Our evolution into a fully-functioning spaceline presents unprecedented opportunities to create original designs in support of our unique customer experience. Together with the incredibly talented team at Y-3, we will explore the potential to create innovative apparel and accessories – both for our staff and for our pioneering customers – that is appropriately functional and fit-for-purpose, is thoughtfully and elegantly crafted, and is fulfilling and fun to wear and use. Our design teams’ shared values will doubtlessly result in the creation of some extraordinary, special and highly treasured products, and we look forward to sharing their development stories as Virgin Galactic steps closer to commercial operations”.


Virgin Galactic clearly recognises that the quality of every aspect of the customers’ experience, across the whole spaceflight experience, ultimately determines the success of this futuristic and innovative company. Follow the progress on twitter @virgingalactic and on their website Virgin Galactic.

Images courtesy of Virgin Galactic and Y-3

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