Five of the Best UK Streetwear Brands & Designers – Part 1

Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards has become a streetwear titan in recent years and their “Tri-ferg” logo has fast become one of the most highly-coveted and recognisable emblems in the streetwear game right now. The brand have coincided with the recent resurgence of skateboarding culture crossing over within fashion which has also helped this skate brand on their way to reach the very top. In 2015, Palace launched its London flagship store, which further reiterated this local brand as an important influencer upon the London skateboarding culture and streetwear aficionados. Recently, Palace enlisted Hollywood actor Jonah Hill to help promote the release of their recent Palace x Reebok footwear collaboration with a short video that you can watch here.  The video features Jonah talking passionately about just how much he loves the brand.

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Lazy Oaf

Lazy Oaf is a quirky London based fashion label most commonly known for their funky graphics and bright bold patterns. The brand was founded by designer Gemma Shiel back in 2001, initially the operation was run from Gemma’s Dads garage, producing small batches of screen printed t-shirts. Now in 2016, the brand boasts a full product range including outerwear, knitwear, shoes and accessories for both men and woman. You can find Lazy Oaf in their independent Soho boutique in London and in over 250 stores worldwide.

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Nasir Mazhar

Nasir Mazhar is a men’s and womenswear fashion designer, drawing inspiration from Britain’s Garage, Grime and Dancehall scenes, his designs are intended to capture clubwear styles from a number of Britain’s late 90’s and early 00’s music scenes. Nasir Mazhar was born in east London and is of Turkish Cypriot origin, often the label is looked upon as a leader in luxury streetwear. Aside from his clubwear influences, Mazhar commonly includes sportswear motifs and inspiration in his collections, featuring heavily branded trainers, nylon and mesh garments, and not forgetting the famous sports caps that were originally featured amongst Nasir’s first ever creations and an item which he has since become renowned for. Mazhar was also presented with the opportunity to create headdresses and headwear for the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremony in London.

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Goods by Goodhood

Goodhood, “A fashion store, brand, creative space and web store. Goodhood’s reputation with global and local London opinion formers alike, is as strong as the creative energy that fuels it.” Arguably London’s most respected retailer, East London’s Goodhood started out with humble roots in their modest Coronet Street store space, but before long the retailer had sized up to a new space on Shoreditch’s Curtain Road. Goodhood’s in-house label, Goods by Goodhood, produce a wide range of products varying from numerous lifestyle items, homewares and apparel, often you will also see the brand collaborate with some of the world’s favourite brands too. Goods by Goodhood provides a carefully curated selection for the autonomous mind, catering to both men and women’s fashion and clothing, accessories, footwear, eyewear, homewares and artwork.

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Cottweiler are a luxury casualwear brand fronted by Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty, their label resembles a new vision for athletic gear, referencing new age cults as inspiration in their collections. The general ethos represents simple, functional design that focusses on garment fit and fabrication, whilst utilising monotone palettes with the entire SS16 collection comprising an all-white aesthetic. Cottweiler describe themselves as “concept led designers who respond instinctively to their social environment. Forward thinking design and manufacturing is combined with an aspirational quality to form a relevant, menswear label.”

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Cottweiler Photography Daisy Walker

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