Plan Your Next Adventure With Airstream Basecamp

The Basecamp Trailer is Airstream’s latest offering about to hit the market, this piece of kit is handcrafted and designed in Ohio and was intended to inspire the adventurer in us all. The Basecamp originally launched in 2007 before getting discontinued a few years later, now in 2016 it has been reworked and relaunched and it looks great.

The new Airstream Basecamp has been designed to accommodate both new and seasoned explorers alike and despite its deceivingly small size, this trailer unit packs a tonne of cool multifunctional features. The convertible rear space has the ability to morph between eating, sleeping or lounging settings so it really optimises the large main area. A cargo hatch provides flexible storage space with tie downs and the Basecamp also comes fully equipped with bathroom, shower, kitchen and optional enclosed patio. The front kitchen has a two burner stove, sink, refrigerator and optional microwave and the whole interior features LED lighting and TV, there’s also exterior lighting for when you’re out with the elements, enjoying a midnight drink. The people at Airstream have even fitted the Basecamp with a wireless Bose speaker system.

With a bottom weight of 1172kg’s, a heavy duty vehicle or SUV is not required to pull it. The Basecamp can sleep up to four, seats up to five and also has the option of side and rear tents to add extra sleeping/living space. The Airspace Basecamp Trailer will be available in dealerships October 2016.


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