Richard Sandler: Photo’s That Capture an Era

New York City street photographer Richard Sandler was first given a Leica camera back in 1977, it was a moment that shaped his life. Photographing the gritty and not so gritty streets of New York, immortalising the street life of the 80s. From furs to graffiti subways, Sandler encapsulated the grit and the glitz of the time.


In his book The Eyes of the City, Sandler showcases his black and white street photography spanning over 30 years. Published by powerHouse Books in Brooklyn, this is the first published compilation of these photographs to date. Richard ventured around the streets of Boston and New York City with a particular focus on the environment, with a particular focus upon the surrounding city life.

These days Sandler has traded in his Leica camera to focus on making films, he believes that cell phones have stolen the attention of his subjects.

If you want to see more of Richard Sandler’s photography then go visit his website or alternatively you can buy his book The Eyes of The City over at powerHouse Books.



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