Rock the Christmas Party the Gentleman’s Way

So, it’s going to be Christmas soon and there will be invitations to informal and official parties pouring in from all sides. These parties are one of the best ways to socialize with people belonging to all walks of life. And if you’re doing it the right way, you’ll be remembered for all the right reasons. Here’s Noose & Monkey’s guide to making the right first impression.

Dress to Impress

Unless it’s a friendly get together, you want to be at your best. Coat suit is perfect for all kinds of events, particularly those where you’re likely to bump into someone who is influential at work. Make sure it fits well for an extra shot of panache. If you’d like to carry a more casual look, pair your coat with jeans and a formal shirt. Nevertheless, you need to make some extra effort for your attire.

Boot it Well

Find complementary shoes to go with your dress. For the most part, brown shoes work rather well. If you’re hoping to go sockless, loafers will look great. On the other hand, if you’re taking up a crisp and formal black uniform, you’ll need to get your best black formal shoes out. Lastly, if you’re hoping for something in the middle, it’ll be your judgment call.

Tie it Up

Generally, holidays are a time when you can lose the tie without feeling awkward about it. But if it’s a formal occasion with high-profile individuals, it won’t hurt to use a tie to perfect your look.

Accessories Check

This is where you can get a bit creative depending on your mood at the time. Pair up your accessories thoughtfully according to the attire you’ve chosen (formal, informal). You don’t want to look too gaudy or underdressed.

If you’re wearing a tie, use a tiepin to complete your look. Pocket squares can also finish your formal look in style. Mix and match the colours intelligently to create the right look.

The next most important accessory you can wear is a watch. It’s your best friend when you’re trying to make an impression. Unless it is a metallic watch, matching it up with your belt and shoes will look great.

Don’t forget your cufflinks. It’ll polish out any creases in your attire by diverting attention to these details.

And finally, there’s been some talk about belts. You need to make sure it goes well with your overall attire and complement it.

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