Bear Face : Men’s Grooming Products

Recently the kind people at Bear Face sent over a few of their products for us to try out, so over the last few weeks we have done just that. The products we received consisted of Rusty the Hobo Beard Oil, Vegan Beard Butter and Scoop & Slick Hair Pomade.

Rusty the Hobo Beard Oil

Let’s start with the beard oil. Bear Face Beard Oils are handcrafted and consist of an amazing blend of completely natural ingredients and essential oils. You can tell that this particular ‘hobo’ blend has been researched extensively to source the perfect ingredients to provide a seriously good aroma and smooth results too.

This particular beard oil is also good for its relaxing properties and is perfect for relieving irritable skin, helping to balance both oily and dry skin types and also fight against acne too.


Vegan Beard Butter

Next up is the Beard Butter that also happens to be Vegan friendly. No, that doesn’t mean you should eat it.. But if you do, you can rest assured it is animal product free. (Please don’t actually eat it)

Now this stuff is really great. It’s like the Swiss army knife of men’s grooming products, you can use it as a beard conditioner and shaper, hand butter, lip balm and it can also be used to treat dry skin. As the Vegan Beard Butter is so rich in vitamins and antioxidants it naturally softens and moisturises your beard and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smelling insanely good. Trust me, this is a serious piece of kit that has already become a staple product amongst my daily grooming regime.


Scoop + Slick Hair Pomade

Last but by no means least, the Bear Face Scoop & Slick Pomade is a 100% natural, hair pomade that is ideal for styling and reworking throughout the day. Perfect for that slick back look, this stuff is specially formulated for easy and re-workable styles for all hair types and is great for everyday use. With its unique Sweet Bay Rum fragrance, this pomade is truly unique and you can never tire of its oh so sweet (rum) scent.

As with the other products, the Scoop & Slick Pomade is animal product free and tested on fellow homo sapiens so buy with confidence people


Big shout out to Bear Face for letting us try out some of the amazing products they offer, please be sure to visit their site and check out the wide range of other products they have available for all your grooming needs.


Lifestyle articles by ondulée


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